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Audit & Assessment Solutions

We architect highly scalable and need based end to end solutions for organizations to achieve their compliance goals with accurate audit and assessment of business processes & practices.

Audit & Assessment Solutions

Why are Assessment Centres required?

With globalization, the market has become increasingly demanding and competitive. There is a demand for a range of goods and services. To survive in this competitive environment, organizations need to align their strategic intent in line with the market requirements. The strategic intent thus shapes the mission statement of the organization, the structure of the organization and the values it follows. The organization then sets its performance goals according to its strategic intent. To achieve these performance goals it has become imperative for organizations to have competent people. ACs help organizations identify and develop these competent people and have thus become the need of the day.

An assessment center is a comprehensive standardized procedure in which multiple assessment techniques such as situational exercises and job simulation (business games, discussions, reports & presentations) are used to evaluate individual employee for variety of manpower decisions.

Business Process Compliance and Audit

Our Process Compliance and Audit helps enterprises understand the gaps in “current” process architecture. Results of this exercise can act as a guide to enhance the processes and address noncompliance issues. Based on the business needs and priorities, the scope of audit can be the entire set of enterprise/ organizational processes across functions or certain specific functional processes. Regulatory requirements also necessitate internal process audits in order to prepare enterprises to meet the compliance requirements. Process audits also help in achieving business process improvement initiatives.


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The table below presents a brief summary of the various definitions of assessment centres.

Assessment centres

Our Approach

Our Approach

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