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School ERP


Holistic Education Technology Platform for Schools & Higher Education Institutes.

Wagons School Management Software solutions help schools/Colleges to use the best of AI Based technology to create a healthy school eco-system and deliver faster and error-free results. Wagons, through its Quick School ERP, offers institutions a School Management System and a collaborative platform that improves their efficiency and enhances their productivity.

Benefits to Students

  • Access to best education At par with urban Schools.
  • Learning made easy and more excited by adoption of AI and ML.
  • Regular Assessment to check on learning progress and learning retention.
  • Creation of individual learning path base on learning style.
  • Access to domain specialist facility through online and offline broadcasting.

Benefits to Teacher

  • High quality TTT from experienced Master Trainers
  • Improved Platform & Delivery Skills.
  • Overall personality development & confidence building of Teachers.
  • Enhanced productivity of teachers due to automation of daily repetitive tasks.
  • High level Student to Teacher engagement with availability of various analytics from ERP.

Benefits For Governments

  • Affordable & Scalable digital technology solution for schools under state education board.
  • Effective diversification of Govt AID on digital platform for better results.
  • Strengthening & sustainable brand building of Govt schools.
  • Increased admissions in govt schools & due recognition to running govt.

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Reporting :
Every interaction is tracked, giving you advanced analytics and auto-generated reports.

Customized AI-ML based Skill Building Platforms

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Customized AI-ML based Skill Building Platforms
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