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Corporate Training Solutions

Wagons, partners organizations in achieving their mission critical goals, through enhanced effectiveness of their people and processes, using proven methodologies. The company has an enviable track record in the area of Sales Excellence Training, Customer Retention Training, Personal Effectiveness Training, Leadership Training and many more. The solutions have benefited professionals across sectors.

Custom E-Learning

Customized instructional materials to enhance staff engagement and business operations. Custom eLearning programs empower companies to improve business performance – targeting their specific organizational goals – through employee development. One of the benefits of custom eLearning programs is the ability to customize your training by company, department or employee Wagons have over 9,000+ hours of experience developing custom eLearning courses, making it the perfect partner for the learning needs you have. We work closely with our clients to identify the most appropriate learning solutions aligned with their specific business goals, timelines and budget.


Students are more likely to absorb information in a short period of time with bite-sized content nuggets. Microlearning is the breaking down of information into topical, bite-sized chunks. By interacting with these highly-targeted learning bursts, lessons become much easier to digest and the likelihood of knowledge retention is increased. Microlearning courses are easier to develop, update and distribute compared to traditional eLearning courses and completion rates are dramatically higher. Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. The term is used in e-learning and related fields in the sense of learning processes in mediated environments.

Game Based Learning

Using game elements, we deliver core content or specific skills in an engaging manner. We make your eLearning more engaging through our gamification strategy! Our goal is to create a fun and motivating learning environment. In our gamified learning programs, we combine gamified elements with instructional design and bring real-world context to learning so your students can practice safely. All kinds of training can be supported by our Gamification solutions, from inductions to compliance.

Content Development Solutions

Customization of both content and delivery style to fit your organizational objectives is the key to our success. Wagons Learning uses ADDIE model for content development. Over the years, the steps were revised and eventually the model itself became more dynamic and interactive than its original hierarchical rendition, until its most popular version appeared in the mid-80s, as we understand it today.

Corporate E-Learning Solutions

Discover endless learning possibilities with us E-learning is the collection of teaching – and information packages – in further education which is available at any time and any place and are delivered to learners electronically. They contain units of information, self-testing batteries and tests, which allow a quick self-evaluation for quick placement. E-learning offers more lower level learning goals. Higher order goals like understanding, reasoning and (moral) judging are more difficult to achieve. They require an individualised interactive discourse and can hardly be planned.

Pre and Post Training Support

The Pre – Training period is the most critical factor for the success of any training intervention. Organizations invest a lot of time, money, and hard work into training their employees for the future. Wagons Learning has firm belief that retention of learning is key to the success of the training intervention and we don’t like to be away from this responsibility. Wagons Learning takes complete accountability of assessing and monitoring progress, engaging participants through reminders as well as planning series of interventions to make the learning map complete.