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Learning Management System

We Wagons LMS is one of the leading LMS brands in the world Wagons LMS is an extremely flexible platform built on 6 core concepts. It is a "On the Go learning" platform that is created to be available from anywhere and supported by all devices.

Wagons LMS is the ideal platform to offer any kind of internal training because it has more than 30 unique features. Wagons LMS makes your learning interventions a beautiful experience, starting with a user-friendly interface and ending with granular level customizable reports and statistics.

Brings all training resources and tools together in one easy location. Employees, partners, and consumers may access customised courses and information at any time, from any location, using any device. They can also access features like quizzes and video evaluations, gamification, and leaderboards.

Maximum engagement and knowledge retention are the goals of the LMS. To keep users learning in the flow of work and boost adoption, it also features bundled interfaces with other programs and an API for bespoke integrations.

Learning Experience Platform

Wagons LXP is the leading LXP Brand in India and across the world Using its Technology enabled Blended Learning methodology and use of its learning experience platform (LXP) – wagons Learning is providing 360 degree training solutions for entry level to middle management.

It provides a reliable, secure, flexible, and scalable solution that can help your organization grow, through learning. Be it, inductions, product or process training, continuous assessments, audits, continual employee engagement, or conducting live virtual interactive trainings, our learning solution ensures better training ROI, saving productive man-hours, giving in-depth learning analytics, and a great user experience. Personalisation and user experience are central to the technology we use every day, meaning user expectations are higher than ever. Traditional learning management systems don’t cut it anymore. Your learners want more.

Wagons LXP combines the compliance requirements of an LMS with personalisation, social learning and a consumer-grade experience. This creates an ecosystem that enables engagement, improves communication and drives a self-directed learning culture.


A comprehensive education technology platform for schools and higher education institutions.

Wagons School Management Software solutions help schools/Colleges to use the best of AI Based technology to create a healthy school eco-system and deliver faster and error-free results. Wagons, through its Quick School ERP, offers institutions a School Management System and a collaborative platform that improves their efficiency and enhances their productivity.