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Wagons Skills Foundation is a non-profit foundation focused on the objective of skill building by upgrading the skill sets and diminishing the gap and to develop opportunities for India’s large but relatively unskilled workforce. It also focuses on skill development and all round development of the all age groups of our society. To full fill its dream of upliftment of the society Wagons Skills Foundation is developing partnership with Private sector, Governments, Universities, Institutions, multilateral agencies to reach out to every section of the society for skill development.

Wagons Skill Foundation also focuses on social development and health awareness. India is a densely-populated country where many people live without access to the basic education and primary health facilities. The situation is more complex in rural villages comparing to the urban areas.

We support to government project’s like Skill India and Make in India. The main goal is creating opportunities, space, and scope for the development of the skill of the community youth. Provides training, support, and guidance for the skill related occupations.

Skill Foundation initiatives will empower all individuals through improved skills, knowledge, nationally and qualifications to gain access to decent employment and ensure India’s competitiveness in the global market.


In rapidly growing economies like India with a vast and ever-increasing population, the problem is two-fold. On one hand, there is a lack of highly trained quality labour while on the other hand large sections of the population possess the little or no job skills.
Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development for any country. Countries with higher and better levels of skills adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of world of work.

Why Skill Development

Major challenge of skill development initiatives is also to address the needs of huge population by providing skills to make them employable and help them secure decent work. Skill development for persons working in the unorganized sector is a key strategy in that direction. This will also inculcate dignity of labour and create greater awareness towards environmental, safety and health concerns.
Skill building can be viewed as an instrument to improve the effectiveness and contribution of labour to the overall production. It is as an important ingredient to push the production possibility frontier outward and to take growth rate of the economy to a higher trajectory. Skill building could also be an instrument to empower the individual and improve his/her social acceptance or value. It will also help youth build confidence and develop the foundational skills needed to succeed in the professional world.

Wagons Skill Foundation Focus Areas

Our initiative focuses on contribution for sustainable economic development, and aims at creating higher standards of living. Providing livelihood to underprivileged youth is essential to ensure their effective participation in India’s growth to reap the benefits of the demographic dividend. The traditional Artisans like Dairy farmer / Entrepreneur, Beauty therapist, Self-employed Retail Entrepreneur, Retail sales associate, Foods products packaging technician, solar PV installer – Electrical, Basic mechanical training program, sales training, soft skill training, service training program, Carpenters, Stone workers, etc., constitute the vast chunk of labour in the unorganized sector of the Indian economy. Other than inherited skill, these artisans possess neither formal education nor income-generating assets. Besides poverty, these groups are also victims of social and economic exclusion, since there is hardly any national initiative for their inclusive development.


Skill Foundation Activities & Workshops


Core Areas of Skill Development Activities

  • IT & Women Entrepreneurship Skill Training
  • Industrial Development & Education Training
  • Computer Training Center
  • Poverty Alleviation Programme
  • Health Awareness
  • Socio Cultural Awareness
  • Women Empowerment Research & Development
  • Conducting Training Programmes For General Housewives

Large Scaled Skill Training

Wagons Skill Foundation has been formed with the vision to enable sustainable livelihoods for people through skill development. Wagons Skills Foundation is realizing its mission through enabling large scale training’s of unskilled / semi-skilled workers, rural youth, farmers, and women entrepreneurs across the nation with the objective of providing them access to growth sectors in formal labour markets.

Supporting Job Readiness & Entrepreneurship

Wagons Skill Foundation aims at enhancing the employability / self-employment of artisans in construction, maintenance, repairs, industry (small, medium and micro) and production of utility items, in terms of skill development training. Since majority of them continue to work with less productive low-value hand/traditional tools, apart from skill development training, they need to be fully exposed to more productive high-value power tools also for fast operations and better productivity.

Empowerment of Youth & Women

Wagons Skill Foundation believes in youth empowerment so that they can be full of upgraded skill and achieve their aim of life and make their dream come true and contribute to the societal and economic growth of India. It also aims for women empowerment with focus on entrepreneurship skills development with specific skills relating to traders like electronics, manufacturing and machinery which enable the trainees to start their own ventures.