Corporate Training Solutions

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Corporate Training

Corporate Training Solutions

Wagons, partners organizations in achieving their mission critical goals, through enhanced effectiveness of their people and processes, using proven methodologies. The company has an enviable track record in the area of Sales Excellence Training, Customer Retention Training, Personal Effectiveness Training,Leadership Trainingand many more. The solutions have benefited professionals across sectors

Goal Setting

  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership & Self Improvement
  • Team Building
  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management
  • Soft Skills & Personality Development
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Body Language
  • Emotional Excellence
  • Work Life Balance
  • Motivation
  • Leadership & Team Bonding through Outdoor
  • Business Ethics & Professionalism

Attitudinal Change

  • Train the Trainer
  • Innovation, Creativity and Lateral Thinking
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Public Speaking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Meeting skills & Listening Skills
  • Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Communication
  • Corporate Etiquette & Grooming
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Confidence Building

Glimpse of training services offered by Wagons

Corporate Training Solutions

Management Consulting

Wagons believe that our clients’ success is our success. We consistently maintain high standards for services we provide. We ensure to bring the best team of senior consultants for every project which makes it successful. With our across industries services range across industries, and our diverged geographical coverage, we understand our clients business needs and we comprehend their business specific language. We help enterprises explore extraordinary opportunities, maximize revenue, manage and sustain growth.

Wagons Consulting can help :

  • Achieve business goals to have the minimum impact for Interruptions
  • Better nurture their staff to achieve to their highest performance levels
  • Make an immediate, measurable and lasting difference in their enterprise
  • Improve their project management skills and relationships
  • Solve problems more effectively and be solution-focused

We understand that our customers work in all sorts of business sectors and industries and may be senior managers, middle management or junior staff members. They have different business goals, needs, cultures and their business environments. Despite these differences they share a number of common goals. They may wish to develop a competitive edge to maintain their business growth in increasingly competitive work environments

Major services in consulting :

  • Analytics
  • Finance and Performance Management
  • Business Turnkey
  • Manpower consulting
  • Business Process Management
  • Process and Innovation Performance
  • Change Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Recruitment solutions
  • Channel Building & management
  • HR Processes & Implementation
  • Talent and Organization Performance
  • Project Management

Why Partner with Wagons?

By partnering with Wagons Learning you will Learn the critical skill sets you need to Live Effectively, Lead Effectively, Present Effectively and Sell Effectively.

Live Effectively Transform your success

The Wagons Learning course has transformed the life of many graduates, post graduates including a disproportionately large number of today’s most successful business executives, managers and industry leaders.

The training emphasizes the principles of success and shows how to put them into action every day. At the end of the course you will have a solid foundation on which to build lifelong professional growth and performance improvements.

Who should experience ?

Graduates/Post Graduates from all streams who seek to maximize their performance and add more value to the organization as employees.

You will learn to –

  1. Identify personal breakthroughs and create a plan to get them
  2. Generate more and better ideas.
  3. Excel as a consensus builder.
  4. Use the different drivers of success.
  5. Communicate clearly and concisely.
  6. Apply a proven memorization process when remembering names.
  7. Move beyond your comfort zone.
  8. Reduce self consciousness and fear.
  9. Apply human relationship principles.
  10. Inspire others to take action.
Lead Effectively Leadership Training For Managers

The old command and control method is obsolete. You don’t tell employees what to do anymore. Instead, you influence their choices about what they want to do, and then, you assist them to reach their goals. You don’t direct; you win the team to your point of view. You don’t dictate; you inspire.

Leadership Training for Managers will show you how to stop managing and leading so that you can become vital part of your organizations future

Who should experience ?

Anyone who interacts with internal and external customers; team leaders; managers who want to achieve outstanding results

You will learn to –

  1. Create a vision – a common ground
  2. Develop strategies that make things happen
  3. Influence people to follow you
  4. Build trust and integrity
  5. Coach and motivate for success
  6. Develop self esteem, self confidence and self direction.
  7. Build relationships across the organization
  8. Create goals and action plans
  9. Empower others to deliver results
  10. Build morale and earn royalty
Present Effectively High Impact Presentations

Whether you’re persuading colleagues, selling a client, energizing a team or showing an Idea to senior management, your ability to present can mean the difference between success and failure.

This workshop is as close as you can get to have a personal coach. You present at least seven times over the course of two days. Your presentations are videotaped and evaluated. And you get expert one-on-one coaching at the end of each presentation. The class is small. The environment is supportive. And the results are remarkable.

Who should experience ?

Everyone who speaks in front of groups, sales people and anyone who meets the press.

You will learn to –

  1. Know, persuade and motivate every audience
  2. Define the presentation goal and develop a structure
  3. Persuade the audience with supporting facts and examples
  4. Prepare for an interview
  5. Lead effective Q& A sessions
  6. Communicate ideas with clarity and force
  7. Be more relaxed and natural while making presentations
  8. Use expressions, gestures and modulation for impact
  9. Sell your ideas, your organization and yourself
Sell Effectively Sales Excellence

Sales excellence is the only course that gives you both sides of the success equation. First, it will show you how to manage your time and territory productively; prospect intelligently; and get in front of a potential customer.

Second it will show you how to relate to the customer, to make the sale. You need to display confidence in yourself, present your solution enthusiastically and influence the conversation toward the conclusion you want.

Who should experience ?

Sales People – whether they are newly hired or have been on the job awhile – will take away techniques to maximize their sales success.

You will learn to –

  1. Identify and manage contracts
  2. Connect with decision makers
  3. Display confidence in yourself and your company
  4. Leverage referrals
  5. Build credibility
  6. Discover the customers buying motives
  7. Use product knowledge persuasively
  8. Negotiate more effectively
  9. Use tactics to win commitment

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